Disease Risk Analysis for Conservation Translocations Workshop

During this in-person workshop, participants will have the opportunity to gain an understanding of how the DRA method is applied, possible pitfalls, and how to address them by tackling real translocation scenarios drawn from ongoing conservation projects.

No prior knowledge of disease risk analysis is required. Participants will be facilitated by tutors with expertise in assessing risk from disease in conservation translocations in various species, including invertebrates, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals.

Our vision is to ensure healthy and abundant free-living wildlife populations resulting from conservation translocations. To achieve our desired outcome, we aim to provide conservation stakeholders with an insight into the risk analysis of disease threats associated with conservation translocations, and to increase their knowledge on the best practice process of mitigation of those threats to ultimately attain successful conservation outcomes.

For details, please see the conference website (click here)