Dr. Peter Johnson – Volunteer

Peter graduated with a BVSc from the University of Sydney in 1979. He was a field veterinary officer for the NSW Department of Agriculture based at Bourke in north western NSW working on the BTEC campaign and doing property visits and livestock disease investigations. He moved to the Veterinary Research Station at Glenfield in 1985 and later to the Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural Institute, Menangle working on industry funded projects on the biology and control of external parasites of sheep and parasite survival in processed sewage sludges. His PhD in 1993 was on the biology, pathology and control of the itchmite (Psorergates ovis) in sheep.

In 1998 he joined the Animal Welfare Unit of NSW Department of Primary Industries, conducting inspections of accredited animal research establishments and licensed exhibited animals establishments. He also worked in emergency animal disease and natural disaster management in planning and liaison roles. He retired from the DPI in December 2014 and has been assisting the Registry with digitisation of important case slides, and various other important tasks since January 2015!